About A Swimming Pool Contractor Who Protects Clients Against Faulty Swimming Pool Constuction.

Prior to working with clients as a swimming pool contractor, designer, consultant, and outdoor living construction administrator, I was a spa and pool builder. I did this for approximately 30 years gaining valuable experience and knowledge. I know and respect the process of how unique swimming pools, therapy spas, waterscapes and outdoor living spaces are visualized, designed, and constructed.

Most Owners interested in an Outdoor Living project are mostly interested in the “end result”. They don’t care for the process that includes advising, consulting, design, and construction. However, most owners are at a disadvantage when it comes to dealing with architects, designers, engineers, suppliers, vendors, and the permitting process. As well as dealing with the multiple swimming pool contractors and tradesman for the coordination of the construction process itself.

Swimming Pool Construction isn’t a part of everyone’s daily life. This creates the need for a skilled construction administrator who can act as the owners representative. Someone who can guide and protect the best interest of the owner throughout the entire process. I make sure the “end result” meets the owner’s expectations. I commit to working closely with clients through the vision & design process. As well as managing the swimming pool construction to create the project of your dreams.

I am more than just a swimming pool contractor. I’m a friend that’s protecting your best interest. Someone to protect u from the headaches that come along with the overall process that can be created by an inexperienced swimming pool contractor.

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