Pool builders websites designed and developed by Justin Embry

Hi, my name is Justin Embry. I have a special talent for developing pool builders websites.

I manage both Rick and Prestons’ websites. I started http://www.BackyardEscapesNW.com for Preston last summer. After seeing insanely good results from the local listings and SEO marketing we did for him, he decided to hook me up with his Pool Designer as well. I just recently developed http://www.RickNewtonDesigns.com for Rick, so expect to see him dominating the search results as well.

I’ve known Preston since I was 14 years old, and for as long as I’ve known him he’s been building pools for the damn near a legendary pool, spa, and outdoor living designer Rick Newton. When I heard that Preston started his pool building company I thought that he might be competing with his Uncle Rick. But of course, Preston would never do that; he’s as loyal as they come.

What Rick does and what Preston does don’t compete they compliment each other instead. Preston is a hardworking, ball busting, motivated swimming pool contractor who knows how to get things done. He’s a straight shooter who will never waste your time and expects the same from you. If you’re thinking about hiring a swimming pool, therapy spa, or any other outdoor living construction job I would have to recommend that you hire Preston and Backyard Escapes NW to do the job.

But Rick, he’s is on a different level. He’s got 30 years of experience creating backyard art. I don’t know what else to call it, but when you see his work, you will completely understand. He’s far more than a pool builder or general contractor. He’s an outdoor living genius. If he wanted he could easily charge 2-3x what he does for his work and his customers would happily pay it. If I ever wondered where Preston developed his devotion to quality and customer satisfaction; I now know. After pairing up with Rick Newton Vision & Design, it’s obvious that it’s a quality that he was lucky enough to inherit.

Together these two are the perfect team. Rick’s with his vision and design, and Preston with his reliability and work ethic. They aren’t only the best choice for your swimming pool, spas, and outdoor living development. If you want to guarantee that you’re getting the best work for the best price and the least amount of a headache. Then they are your only choice.

But how can I expect you to just take my word for it? Have they ever built a pool for my family or me? The only logical solution is to have them design and build us a pool. I’m going to document the process from start to finish. This way not only will I know exactly what a customer can expect when starting their backyard masterpiece, but they will know as well.

So don’t forget to bookmark this blog and keep checking back to follow the entire swimming pool building design and development process from the greatest swimming pool construction team that Washington state has to offer!

I would also like to add a Thank you to my sister Amanda Chembars and her husband Richie Chembars for sponsoring and paying for the entire process. And I would like to of course thank myself, for building a company that kicks so much butt that my partner Amanda can just dust her shoulders off, write a check, and buys her man a pool.

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