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Am I Just Another Swimming Pool Builder?

Prior to working with clients as a designer, consultant, and outdoor living construction administrator, I was a spa and swimming pool builder. I did this for approximately 30 years gaining valuable experience and knowledge. I know and respect the process of how unique swimming pools, therapy spas, waterscapes and outdoor living spaces are visualized, designed, and constructed.

Most owners interested in an outdoor living project are mostly interested in the “end result”. They don’t care for the process that includes advising, consulting, design, and swimming pool construction. However, most owners are at a disadvantage when it comes to dealing with architects, designers, engineers, suppliers, vendors, and the permitting process. As well as dealing with the multiple contractors and tradesman for the coordination of the swimming pool construction process itself.

Construction isn’t a part of everyone’s daily life. This creates the need for a skilled construction administrator who can act as the owners representative. Someone who can guide and protect the best interest of the owner throughout the entire process. I make sure the “end result” meets the owner’s expectations. I commit to working closely with clients through the vision & design process. As well as managing the construction to create the project of your dreams.

I am more than just a swimming pool builder. I’m a friend that’s protecting your best interest. Someone to protect you from the headaches that come along with the overall process of your outdoor living development.

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Outdoor Living Services

We specializes in swimming pools, therapy spas, and outdoor living.

Vanishing Edge Pool By Wenatchee's Best Swimming Pool Builder

Vanishing Edge Pools

Also known as infinity-, disappearing-, zero-, or negative-edge pools, vanishing edge pools are staples for photo shoots and luxury resorts.

Swimming Pool Builders That Build Commercial Pools

Commercial Pools

From apartment complexes, to hotels, to municipal pools, to health clubs, commercial pools come in all shapes, sizes, and depths both indoor and outdoor.

Therapy Spa Builders Sample Photo Wenatchee, WA

Custom Design Pools

The options are limitless when it comes to custom designing a pool. Aesthetic enhancements such as waterfalls, fountain bubblers, laminar jets and more.

Featured Project

We’ve got a lot of beautiful project that we are proud of, and here’s one.

Project Details

Rustic vanishing edge pool

This vanishing edge pool project also features a therapy spa and waterfall, and finish materials were selected to compliment the home architecture.

Rick Newton Vision & Design specializes in swimming pools, therapy spas and outdoor living design, consulting and construction administration. Through my 25 years of experience constructing and designing custom swimming pools, therapy spas, and other outdoor living projects, I acquired the knowledge to guide my customers and help them oversee the entire development process. Protecting my client’s best interest at all times.

— Rick Newton

Swimming Pool Construction With Amazing Views

Project Vision

Visualizing what you see as your dream outdoor living scenario is important. If you are not sure exactly what you want, Rick will consult with you to help you figure it out as well as provide you price projections to help you decide what you should include in your project specific to your wants and needs.

Project Design

Once the scope of your project and initial price projections have been determined, a design can be completed. With material choices, dimensions and quantities from the design, more accurate price projections can be determined for your custom outdoor living, therapy spa, or swimming pool construction.

Wenatchee's Best Swimming Pool Builder Of Residential Pools Sample

Project Administration

Rick Newton Vision & Design gives you 25 years of experience developing custom swimming pools, therapy spas, and outdoor living projects. Take advantage of the knowledge Rick Newton has acquired through his life-long career designing and construction outdoor living paradises for his clients.